Vertical Blinds in Bay Windows

Vertical blinds balance practicality with style and are ideal for bay windows and indeed most types of windows and patio doors. They are the ideal choice for the home and office giving you total control over the amount of light coming into a room. With the control options of having them drawn to the left, right or split from the middle gives you total flexibility allowing you access to doors and windows, they are perfect for blocking the harsh sun rays, protecting valuable furniture, fabrics and carpets.


Vertical blind tracks can be bent to accomodate the curve of a bay window


For bay windows they neatly fit into the recess of the bay, drawing completely away from the window if required or can be left fully or partially closed depending on the particular requirements. Vertical blinds are ideal to be used in conjunction with curtains if the curtains are fitted across the front of the bay window.

Specialist fabrics with specific functions are sometimes required in certain environments, for example flame retarded, washable and blackout, tailoring your blind to your specific requirements. Vertical blinds are available in a widest range of colours and textures imaginable, with two blade widths to suit the depth of your window recess.

INTERESTING ROLLER AND VERTICAL BLIND COMBINATION have many modern contemporary blinds which will introduce a feel of tranquil calm if the natural colours are chosen or a more exotic vibrancy with the stunning primary colours.

Many vertical blinds are also available as roller blinds such as the Acacia Larkspur roller blind. There are many situations in a room other than bay windows where a combination of blinds can be used, a good example being in a room where there are patio doors where roller blinds would not be suitable, but would be suitable for the windows.

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